Small Garden House: Get the Best Ideas Here!

Small Garden House

If you are short on space and looking for small garden house ideas then you are at the right place. People who don’t know what is a garden home could be used for are missing out on many of its benefits, but don’t worry, you can still build a small house for garden even if you are short on space. Read this article till the end for some of the best Small Garden House ideas.

A garden house is a single-roomed structure commonly known as a summer house or Gazebo. You can use this additional space for many purposes including painting, writing, drawing, exercise, yoga, and storing those objects which you don’t want to throw out but are cluttering your space. You can also come here and relax after a tiring day and enjoy a cup of tea.

No matter if you have a small summer house for garden or a big one, it will provide you shelter in both summer and winter. You can choose light/pastel shades for your garden house as they will make it look so cool and lovely. Let’s have a look at some amazing small garden house ideas!

How to build a Small Garden House?

If you want to build a small garden house, the first thing you should do is choose the perfect spot. Then you can select the shape and design that matches best your garden style.

We’ll share the ideas for decorating a Small Garden home later in this article, but first have a look at how you can build the perfect garden house in a small space.

The first thing you should consider is to leave the room to walk around, you don’t want to take up all your garden space because it will look so congested and weird. For small gardens, a corner garden house will look good and it will not take up a lot of your garden space. They are available in many styles and sizes so make your decision wisely.

If you prefer a modern contemporary style garden house then you can go for DaftPony Corner Log Cabin. By choosing this one, you will get enough internal space where you can put sofas, tables, and chairs. You can also choose Garden Log Cabins if you are thinking to do your office work here.

Moreover, you can choose from the different sizes of Avon Log Cabin which include 2.5m x 2.5m, 3m x 2m, and 3m x 3m (inc. insulated). This could be a perfect choice for your small garden house where you can chill and spend some time alone with your plants. 

How to build a Small Garden House


Another choice is to use Terminator Log Cabin, this modern cabin will add a style to your garden. Using an insulated log cabin will be a wise choice as it will be great for you during the whole year. Read the steps below to know how you can build a small summer house for garden.

  • The first thing to do is to build a foundation for your garden home and for this, you should choose a smooth area in your garden. 
  • Choose the material wisely, normally people use concrete foundation and then use wood to cover the area. 
  • Now you are required to build a structure, keep in mind that you have a small space, and then construct a frame. For ceiling beams, you can use heavy-duty pieces for supporting the roof.
  • Do not forget to leave open space for windows and doors when building a frame.
  • Make sure that you attach every piece smoothly and level everything.
  • After that, you can construct walls and the roof of your garden house. Use drywall on the interior and siding on the outside if you want to add insulation.
  • Now you are ready to install the roof and for this, you have multiple options available including the tin roof or a shingled roof.
  • Now, it is time for finishing the walls, make sure that all the areas are smooth before you move to the next step.
  • After that, you can add flooring, there are multiple flooring options. The installation of a wood floor over concrete is quite simple, you can also use a floor nailer to attach hardwood flooring to your small garden house using your own wood or pre-purchased flooring.
  • You are a few steps away to complete your garden house in less space, install doors and windows now, and if you think that you cannot do it properly then take professional help to avoid any leakage.
  • You can now paint your small summer garden house by using paint spray as it will do the job more quickly and perfectly.

How to Perfectly Design a Small Garden House?

How to Perfectly Design a Small Garden House


Now that you know how you can build a small house for garden, it’s time to give it a beautiful look. Keep reading to know the best small garden house ideas:

Add Stylish Chairs:

Add Stylish Chairs


Choose the right size of chairs according to your small garden house because you don’t want to take up too much space.

If you plan to spend time here with your family and friends then you definitely going to need more seating. Having a small space does not mean that you have to keep everything simple, you can still choose stylish and bold designs.

There are many beautiful chair designs available, you can select the one that matches best with the style and theme of your garden house. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should choose comfortable chairs, otherwise, you won’t be able to get relaxed here. You can also choose a swivel chair or a small rocking chair.

Add a Coffee Table:

You can choose a small-sized coffee table for your small garden home as the large one will utilize all your space and it is not even required.

You will be able to put drinks and little snacks easily with this addition. It will also assist in balancing out the room’s design. You can set your chairs around the table, which serves as the centerpiece.

Place a Rug/Mat:

Adding a small rug won’t take up a lot of space and it will give your room a beautiful look. However, choose the light one so that it won’t look bad in the summer. You can place it under your coffee table, it looks really good. 

Apart from giving your room a beautiful look, it will also serve as a lovely covering for the floorboards of the house. Additionally, it offers a wonderful, soft surface for your feet to stroll on. If your small garden house has wood flooring then you definitely going to need one. 

Color/Theme Selection:

This is the most important thing because the appearance of your garden house totally depends on which color or theme you are going to choose. For small garden summer house, you can select light/pastel colors to give it a calm and lovely look. 

You can also choose greens, creams, and floral patterns, they can help you feel closer to nature. Try to design this garden house as beautifully as possible because it will be the place where you will come and enjoy your time after a hectic day.

Use Fairy Lights and Hanging objects:

You can use fairy lights to adorn your small garden home because they always bring beauty to a space. To make it look more attractive, you may also hang potted plants or plant strings. Wall art is another option that will give it a beautiful appearance.

Wrapping Up:

Wrapping Up


Building and decorating a Small Garden House is not a big deal unless you are doing it with the right tips and tricks. If you have a small garden, it does not mean that you cannot build a garden house, this is why we have shared all the information to help you build the perfect chilling spot. 

In addition to making you feel better, spending time in your garden house offers many other significant advantages.

It will give you peace of mind, lower your levels of tension and anxiety, and is a perfect environment for spending quality time in nature. We hope you found the above-shared details useful, comment below to share your thoughts with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is building a small garden house a good idea?

It is always a good idea to have an additional space in your garden, it can be used for several activities. You can use this place for having a party with your friends or just spend some time alone with nature.

Why you should build a garden house?

Because it offers a wide range of benefits, you can store your garden tools here or those objects which you don’t use on a daily basis. A garden house can also be used for performing exercise and yoga and if you often work from home then it is the perfect spot for it.

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