Parker Schnabel House: The Haines Pad!

Parker Schnabel House

Parker Schnabel is a young and successful American gold miner and reality television star. He has made quite a name for himself in the mining industry. With his impressive skills and determination, he has accumulated a significant amount of wealth as well. 

Among many things, Parker Schnabel has successfully invested in a beautiful home in Haines, Alaska. If you are looking to get more information on the celebrity and his home, stay with us as we explore Parker Schnabel house, known as the Haines Pad. Let’s discover its features, location and significance as we have done with David Letterman house.

Parker Schnabel House Location

Parker Schnabel home, also known as the Haines Pad, is situated in the picturesque town of Haines, Alaska. The house is nestled between the Chilkat and Chilkoot Inlets. This town offers breathtaking views of mountains, glaciers and pristine waters. 

The house takes full advantage of this scenic location, providing the residents and visitors with a serene and awe-inspiring environment.

Architecture and Interior of Parker Schnabel Home

Parker Schnabel house is a perfect blend of modern elegance and rustic charm. The house is designed as a spacious log cabin featuring a traditional yet contemporary design. The exterior showcases the warmth and beauty of the logs, while the interior boasts a modern and luxurious ambiance.

The house boasts an impeccable interior design that shows comfort and sophistication. The living spaces are thoughtfully designed with high ceilings, large windows and open floor plans to maximize natural light and the surrounding views. 

The furniture and decor choices reflect Parker’s personality and love for adventure, incorporating elements inspired by the outdoors and his mining ventures.

Modern Amenities and Features

As a young entrepreneur with great success, it is no surprise that Parker Schnabel home is equipped with top-notch modern amenities. The house features a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, a private theater room, a gymnasium and a dedicated space for relaxation, such as a sauna and a spa.

These amenities ensure that Parker Schnabel has everything he needs to unwind and enjoy his time at his home.

Parker Schnabel Profession-Inspired Artifacts

Given Parker Schnabel’s fame and association with the hit reality TV show “Gold Rush,” his house wouldn’t be complete without some gold rush memorabilia. Throughout the Haines house, unique items can be seen related to Parker Schnabel’s mining adventures and the show. 

While providing aesthetics and charm, these artifacts serve as reminders of his achievements and the journey of his outstanding career in the mining industry.

Privacy of Parker Schnabel House

While Parker Schnabel is accustomed to the spotlight, his Haines Pad home offers him privacy and tranquility. The property is surrounded by natural beauty, providing a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The expansive outdoor spaces, including a well-maintained garden and a deck with stunning views, allow Parker Schnabel to enjoy the tranquility of nature and spend quality time with family and friends.

Parker Schnabel House Specification

  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bathrooms: 2+
  • Area of House in Square Feet: 2,000 square feet
  • Price of the House: $279,000
  • Parker Schnabel House Address: Haines Hwy, Haines, AK 99827

Parker Schnabel House Photos

Here are some Parker Schnabel house photos in Haines.

Parker Schnabel House Photos

Parker Schnabel Home Photos

Parker Schnabel House Picture


Parker Schnabel house, the Haines Pad, is an outstanding property. The house is a perfect example of the owner’s hard work, success and appreciation for a high-quality lifestyle. Located in the breathtaking town of Haines, Alaska, this luxurious log cabin offers a harmonious blend of modern comforts and rustic charm. 

With its spectacular design, state-of-the-art amenities and Gold Rush memorabilia, the Haines Pad is a true reflection of Parker Schnabel’s personality and achievements. The house serves as a peaceful haven where the residents can recharge and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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