Checklist For Building A Home: What are the Necessary Steps?

Checklist For Building A Home

Who doesn’t want to build their dream house? Everyone does. We know that it is not an easy decision so we are here to help. This article has a checklist for building a home for people who wish to plan independently. These steps will facilitate you throughout your journey so keep reading this article till the end!

Know that you are no professional so it is crucial to collect information as much as you can before getting started with your plan. From the management of finances to the planning of structure, every step is essential and requires deep knowledge and concentration so let’s look at the home building checklist below!

Home Building Checklist – What Steps do you need to Take?

If you are sure you want to do this then it is excellent, now read this guide and plan your home-building journey accordingly.

This checklist for building a house will help you a lot but if you have no experience at all then it is important that you take some professional help. After all, building a home is a big deal! 

Make a Budget:

Make a Budget

The first one in our checklist for building a home is to take a thorough look at the overall costs and make a budget. It should be done by collecting information related to the cost of the area you will be covering, the design of the house, engineering, etc.

While considering a budget, do not forget to add local taxes and the costs of decoration and furnishing that will be required after construction is completed.

Do not rush, take your time and then move forward. No matter if you are building a home or building a roof over a mobile home, considering the budget is important.

Set a Time-period:

The deadlines are important to keep us moving forward and help us in making the best use of time but it does not mean that you need to hurry. Setting up a deadline and working accordingly will help you complete the project before the change of season. 

For some people, setting a time period is not necessary nor do they restricted by seasonal changes but if you live in an area where sudden changes in weather happen then you should consider making a rough timeline.

Management of Finances:

Another one on our home building checklist is to know your options for additional finances that might be required in the future.

Normally, house building always requires more money than we actually expect so it is always a good idea to have a backup because not many people build a house twice in life and no one should compromise on anything when it is happening.

Taking a personal bank loan is your one option but it is up to you to look for other suitable options as well according to your financial situation.

Finding a Suitable Location:

Add this one to your checklist for building a home as well because finding the right location is crucial and requires keen focus and time. When finding the perfect location for your dream house, there are many factors that you should consider such as Land cost, Topography, neighboring house values, etc.

If you have no experience doing such things, you can get help from an architect. He will guide you about everything and will recommend you to contact other professionals.

Design and Theme of home:

What do you prefer the most? Old Southern colonial style or modern one? Many people do not pay attention to it but now that we have reminded you, add this to your home building checklist.

It is vital because your preferred design or style will impact the construction drawings of your new house, this is why you should consider and decide everything before. 

So, what’s on your mind? How you would like to see your rooms designed? How many stories do you prefer? Are you considering extra space for your children’s future? Think about the answers to all such questions before getting started. If you have nothing in mind, you can search for styles and designs online.

If you have decided everything that we mentioned above, it’s time to hire a professional who can give your thoughts a live version by drawing effectively. However, if you are not sure that you can bare the expenses then you can go for prefabricated ADUs from United Dwelling.

Ask for Permits:

In the checklist for building a home, do not forget to add that you need to apply for permits way before the construction of your new home starts. Some people get lucky that they are given permits quickly but sometimes it takes more time even several months.

So, if you don’t want to waste your time, you should apply for them as quickly as possible. Your contractor will help you with the applications for necessary permits. Read the next heading to find out why you should hire a General Contractor.

Hiring a Contractor:

Hiring a Contractor

These are the experts who will take a thorough look at the entire structure and will be there for every step of construction. So, do not forget to add their hiring to your house building checklist.

You can look for them online if you can’t find any near you and ask them related questions. Do not forget to ask for their experience and the images of their previous work.

If you are a professional builder then there is no need to hire any contractor but is always a good idea to take a second opinion. People doing this for the first time should ask for the license number before hiring a contractor and do not forget to check if is still valid.

Hire Efficient Electricians and Plumbers:

Hire Efficient Electricians and Plumbers

When the structure of your house is built, it’s time to install sewer lines, pipes, wires, and other fixtures. These things should be done at this stage of building a house otherwise you will face a lot of problems later. 

For efficient wiring and connections, hire the best electrician you can as these things are not changed every day so the work of wiring and connections should be done efficiently.

Insulations for Maintaining Temperature:

You can add this to your checklist for building a home as well because adding insulation to the house is something that you won’t regret ever as it will help you save utilities.

People are now using fiberglass or cellulose so you can think about it too, your contractor will help you make a wise decision about choosing the right insulation material so ask for his opinion.

Time for Finishing:

Now that you are in the final steps of completing the construction, add interior/exterior finishes to your house building checklist.

For exterior finishes, you can choose stucco and stones. For the interior, start the primary coatings of paint. Your dream home is about to complete now, read the next heading to know your next step.

Add Style to your home:

You are just a few steps away from giving a final and perfect look to your home. It is time to install cabinets, railings, doors, and other similar things. Add Fireplace mantels at this stage to prevent mess later. Your team will start installing fixtures now including countertops, fittings, and mirrors. The window glasses are also added at this stage.

Final Step:

The last one on our checklist for building a house is touch up and fixations where needed. Take a thorough look at your house and if anything went wrong, this is the time when it can be fixed because everyone is here.

If you discover the errors later, you will be obliged to pay more because you won’t have evidence that the construction staff made the error. If everything is fine like you imagined then it is time you move your belonging here.

Wrapping Up:

We have tried to add everything to the above-shared checklist for building a home that will surely facilitate you in building your dream home. Remember that you cannot do everything on your own so it is important to hire professional staff. 

Look for experts and share your needs and your ideas with them so they can guide you properly. Comment below if you want us to add anything else to our list and share your ideas as well.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the steps to start house construction?

From construction to decoration, there are many steps that you need to consider before starting to build a house. It is important to make a list first and then begin with the plan.

These steps include soil analysis, designing layout, polishing, fittings, decoration, and others. However, you should consult an architect and contractor to get the best advice and to prevent any mishaps.

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