Building A Floating Roof Over A Mobile Home

building a floating roof over a mobile home

Building a floating roof over a mobile home is always a good idea and you can do it all by yourself with the right tips and tricks. We know that it is hard to choose between a wide range of roof designs according to your requirements and the procedure is not that easy so we have prepared this guide for people like you. 

The second or floating roof is installed for various reasons such as to change the appearance of a mobile home or to add insulation. Building a roof over a mobile home also provides protection from weather conditions and ensures that your original roof lasts for an extended period of time. 

Our Checklist For Building A Home helped people a lot, this is why we decided to prepare a guide for those who are living in a mobile home and looking for roof-over ideas. Read this article till the end to know how you can build one!

Building a Floating Roof over a mobile home – How to Choose Design?

When building a roof over a mobile home, it is important to choose design wisely by considering all the factors that will be affecting your roof.

Hip or gable roofs are better options if you reside in an area where the weather conditions are not stable and if the climate is normal in your area then you can go for a flat roof.

It’s crucial to choose a floating roof while keeping your budget in mind when making your choice. If you are too tight on budget then you can choose the one which is cost-effective such as the simple flat ones.

However, if the budget is not the issue and you want to change the appearance of your mobile home then a gable roof could be your option.

A mobile home roof over requires taking into account the available area. So if that is your issue then you can choose a hip roof as it will provide the extra space. Last but not least is to hire professionals, if you are also an expert then no worries but it is always good to have a second opinion.

What are the suitable Floating Roof options?

When building a roof over a mobile house, consider all the available options and then select the perfect one by following our instructions shared above. Have a look at some suitable types of roofs below:

Flat Roof:

Flat Roof


For people who like it a simple way should choose a flat roof as it looks very nice and can be constructed easily.

The design is simple and it will be constructed in less time than other types of roofs. However, you should know that a flat roof won’t be helpful in shedding snow and water.

Gable Roof:

Gable Roof


This two-sloping side roof is usually the first choice of people building a floating roof over a mobile home due to its design. It will be the perfect choice for you if you are living in a bad weather area because can effectively shed water and snow.

Hip Roof:

For mobile homes situated in windy places, this four-sloping side roof may be preferable to a gable roof. It not only effectively sheds water and snow, but also adds extra space. So, now that you know about all of them, choose the one that suits best for you.

Steps for Building a Floating Roof over a mobile home:

Steps for Building a Floating Roof over a mobile home


If you do not prepare before building a roof over a mobile home, you will end up damaging the 1st one so make sure that you follow the instructions given below:

  • Analyzing your roof and then selecting the right spot for drainage is important so do that with all the concentration.
  • If your house is surrounded by trees then cut them off to clear the area before building a floating roof over a mobile home.
  • To a depth of roughly 18 inches, dig the vicinity of the spot. Level and fill it with gravel for the perfect roof foundation.
  • It is important to install at least 8 feet tall posts and 8 feet long rafters made of treated lumber.
  • Now, you can Install the plywood sheathing on the rafters and then your selected roofing material.
  • Make sure to check the roof on a daily basis for any damage or leakage and call the team immediately to prevent any mishap.

Pros and Cons of Building a floating roof over a mobile house:

Should you really build a floating roof? Read the pros and cons here:

Pros of Floating Roof:

  • Building a floating roof over a mobile house not only provides extra protection from weather conditions but also increases your home’s energy efficiency.
  • It gives your mobile home a beautiful look and also provides extra space (depending on the type of selected roof design).
  • To keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, you should be building a roof over a mobile home for the purpose of insulation. 

Cons of Floating Roof:

  • The building costs of floating roofs are a little bit higher than normal roofs and they are not easy to construct compared to normal roofs.
  • Its construction should be done properly, otherwise, you will face many problems including disturbed energy efficiency and leakage.
  • The mobile home roof over is so tricky and it should be done by professionals to prevent any damage from weather conditions.

Wrapping Up:

Building a floating roof over a mobile home is a difficult task but with the right information, it can easily be done to provide long-lasting results.

We hope you found the details shared above useful and now you can easily start the construction. We advise you to collect the details as much as you can before beginning the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are roofs supported?

Rafters consisting of both wood and metal are utilized for the main framework and support. They aid in insulating and supporting the covering of the roof.

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